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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Bunny Trail?

A:  The Bunny Trail is a fundraiser for Tuscaloosa's One Place, A Family Resource Center. Located in the heart of downtown Northport, the Bunny Trail is a display of over 100 sponsored and decorated eggs. Each egg is sponsored and decorated by a local business, organization, or individual.

Q:  Where is Bunny Trail located?

A:  The Bunny Trail will be located along Main Avenue between 5th and 1st Street.

Q:  When does the Bunny Trail open and how long does it last?

A:  Bunny Trail's Grand Opening is March 11, 2023.  Eggs will be on display until April 23rd.  

Q:  What are the hours of the Bunny Trail?

A:  Bunny Trail is best viewed during daylight hours, but on display 24/7.

Q:  Do I have to pay to walk the Bunny Trail?

A:  No!  It is free to enjoy the Bunny Trail, and all Bunny Trail events are also free! 

Q:  Who decorates the eggs?

A:  Local businesses, organizations, and individual sponsors decorate the eggs. Each egg is furnished with signage listing the sponsor and decorator.

Q:  I want to sponsor and decorate an egg, what does an egg look like?  

A:  Your egg is approximately 5' tall.  Please see the image below.  For decoration guidelines, please click here.  

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